A great deal of my focus artistically and otherwise is put into finding where things belong and the relationships between people and objects. Much of that is about the space occupied and how it can be interacted with. Recently I have begun a playful exploration on parts balancing together when still and on how these forms constructed of multiple parts mutate when in play. I hope what I am working on is a relief and a fun way to relive the lego days.

Primarily I work in thrown ceramics and am focussed on the more technical and scientific side but have begun to simplify. After beginning glass blowing and bending, I remembered the importance of form and have let that dominate my thinking and visual space.

It’s easy to to become infatuated with the ceramic process with as much history and depth that it has. The excitement of opening your first gas kiln is something you won’t soon forget but the malleability is what keeps us hooked.

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